Commercial Truck Insurance

At Florida Tractor Repair, Inc in Hampton, we’ve always got your back. We know that one of the less exciting aspects of operating a commercial truck is that you have to insure it. While there is a wide array of insurance options available for a number of applications, here are some general things that have an effect on your premium.

Much like your car, your driving record is taken into account. Depending on how many traffic violations or accidents you or your employees have been involved in over the years, your insurance premium will likely be influenced.

Storage location, in particular overnight, also affects your prices. Trucks are expensive, have a lot of expensive parts on them, and carry expensive cargo. If yours is kept in a safe place, locked away and covered, you’ll likely see lower insurance costs.

What type of operation you run, and the radius of that operation, also matter. Trucks that run cross-country will likely reflect different premiums than those which operate in town, and the type or cargo you haul will also be taken into account.

Age, condition, and safety features are also considered. The value of the truck is obviously important, as well as the truck’s ability to avoid an accident altogether. A new truck is more valuable, but also much safer, and all these factors combine to calculate your insurance premium.

Whatever type of insurance you’re searching for, we wish you luck. For all your repair and maintenance needs, trust the mechanics at Florida Tractor Repair, Inc to have the knowledge and ability you’re looking for. We can service any type of truck, from oil changes to engine overhauls. For quality parts, and excellent service, call or come by Florida Tractor Repair, Inc today.

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