Ball Joints

Ball joints are an integral part of your trucks suspension and steering. From Florida Tractor Repair, Inc in Hampton, here’s what you need to know.  

Ball joints are essentially a single bearing, which allows slight movements as your truck moves over changing terrain or turns. Ball joints are simple, relatively small, and extremely important. There is one located at each front wheel, and they bear the entire weight of the truck. 

On high mileage, heavy vehicles, obviously ball joints are under a lot of stress. As they wear out, symptoms will arise; in particular, a deep knocking or rattling sound can be heard or felt as the truck moves over bumps or dips in the road. If this condition arises, have your ball joints replaced sooner rather than later...a failed ball joint will not only cause steering loss, but the entire truck will drop over the front wheel, allowing the wheel well to totally encompass the wheel, and potentially allowing the frame of the truck to hit the ground. Especially on such a large vehicle, towing such a dramatically incapacitated vehicle is a nightmare on its own, to say nothing of the danger posed to the driver, other drivers on the road, and other truck components. 


If you suspect a failing ball joint, don’t hesitate to have them inspected. Our professional technicians will have you back up and running, reliably, in no time. For all of your other maintenance and repair needs, we also have you covered. For the best commercial and fleet truck service shop in Hampton, call or stop by [BUSINES_NAME] today. 

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