Brake Shoes

When performing brake shoe replacements, many times the brake shoe hardware is overlooked. Worn springs or loose bushings could negatively impact braking performance or recovery from braking. Brake system manufacturers recommend changing the springs every time you change the brake shoes. For safety's sake, always replace both brake chambers on an axle at the same time. This will result in more braking performance. 

How to diagnose a starter problem.

Is the control circuit working?

Are the battery and cable tests within speifications? 

If so, and the vehicle is still cranking slowly, it's a slow crank issue and the vehicle is still cranking slowly, it's a slow crank issue and the starter needs to be replaced.


Hose wear can occur due to the heat or exterior damage. Idling, high temperatures engines need hose to match the punishing environment. If you are running your hoses on the hotter side of Polyester, you may be shortening the life of your hose. You may need to move up to a hose that can handle hotter temperatures for a longer period of time. 

Fifth Wheel

When coupling to a fifth wheel, always adjust your tractor suspension to ride height so that the top plate makes contact with the upper coupler plate to ensure the kingpin properly connects with the lock jaw. Lubricate the locking mechanism of your fifth wheel every three months or 30K miles, & thoroughly clean the locking mechanism every 6 months or 60K miles. 


When temperatures drop, paraffin (wax) in ULSD fuel will gel & stop fuel from flowing through the engine. Water in fuel can freeze on the facing of fuel filters, blocking the fuel flow. Make sure to select the correct diesel fuel additive for your day to day needs to help prevent fuel gelling.

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